Don't allow termites to further damage your home or property by hesitating to schedule your inspection.

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SWIFT Termite Control wants to give homeowners a fighting chance with termites.  We thought it would be a good idea if homeowners were provided information that would assist them  with controlling  the ever  present termite.

As we all know, termites are persistent creatures and can be controlled with the aide of SWIFT Termite Control  and  a well-informed homeowner.  SWIFT Termite Control Company will provide some  essential information and a general overview.

While much of the termite damage is hidden, termites have few secrets from the professional Inspector. The Inspector knows the conditions termites favor and  how  to  uncover termite  activity  which  the  untrained  eye  might  pass  over with  damaging results.

Your first step towards the control of termite infestation is to get a thorough termite inspection and analysis of your home and property.

If a complete fumigation is required, you then must prepare to vacate your home.

If the property does not require fumigation, there are other methods than can he applied.   Methods vary with each house or property.

By digging narrow trenches along walls and drilling through surfaces and into voids, chemicals can he applied where they will kill termites within your home and block the colony’s re-entry. Thereby creating an invisible barrier between your home and the termites.  This treatment will take a single day or less, with very little disturbance to your daily routine.

We truly believe knowledge is power and with the knowledge that you will find on this site, you can ensure professional service from SWIFT Termite Control Company, and will also be able to implement some good preventative measures of your own in assisting with the control of termite infestation in your home. We wish you much luck and if you have not chosen a Termite Inspector for your home or property, please give us a call at 323-295-1220 or email us at

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